Tuesday, February 8, 2011

17 & 18) Pattern and Texture (Tactile and Visual)

These rows of sushi create a clear pattern.  There are circles within circles neatly lined up next to each other in an organized and systematic way.

After searching "design, circles" on Google, I found this pattern, which already represents the layers of circles which are evident in the sushi.

This painting contains textural attributes.
The contrasting values, both light and dark, create ripples and curves that "arouse our sense of touch," as our textbook puts it, challenging our minds to imagine how this scene would actually feel.  The texture is merely "suggested to our eyes" rather than actually being able to be felt. 

This would be an example of tactile texture.  If someone were actually to go and touch the statue, they would be able to physically feel the bumpy texture, rather than simply imagine how it might feel.

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